When it comes to health & wellness we rely on feedback & recommendations from professionals.

At Tiens, we collaborate with medical and wellness practitioners as well as personal trainers to join forces with us. These professionals bring their valuable expertise and insights from their clients who have benefitted from our nutritional products. Together, we aim to inspire others through the combination of science and real-life experiences.


Lifestyle brand - chosen by more than 40 million families around the world!

With divisions established in 110 countries and a network of 50,000 franchised stores globally, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of nutrition, wellness, beauty and skincare products, and household items. Through our commitment to deliver wellness, the Tiens Group has become the preferred lifestyle choice for millions of families worldwide.


We take great pride in manufacturing our products to the highest standards of research, development, and production on a global scale.

This commitment to excellence has resulted in prestigious qualifications and worldwide recognition. For instance, we have been awarded the Certificate of Product Quality Conformity by the British Retail Consortium, a widely recognized certification in over 130 countries and territories known for its rigorous standards. Additionally, each of our factories holds an ISO certificate, further ensuring the quality of our products.


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